About us

Welcome to the Bossta Nation, where weed is always welcome an the vibes are always positive. We aim to bring awareness to the cannabis lifestyle we lead, and the amazing uses and benefits the plant itself has to offer. We are a band of people that strive to succeed under the influence of marijuana, a community for regular people who partake in medicating whether it be for medicinal or recreational use. We are tired of people labeling us as lazy simply because we indulge in the Earth given plant. So take a stand for what's right, let's open people's eyes together about this wonderful medicine an natural resource!


We have been fighting to bring awareness since 2010.
We are based out of Northern Nevada, Carson City to be exact. We have traveled to states across the nation spreading facts an changing the opinions of people through music an social interaction.
Our mission is to educate one person at a time to make our medicine more easily attainable, an also stop the paranoia that's caused from it being an illegal substance.
We have overcome so many obstacles an still have many more to conquer, but with your support an the support of our community, together we can make anything possible!